Lashes: Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic makeup application used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

LIP BLUSH: What is Lip blushing? Lip blush is a type of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles. … Lip blushing focuses on altering both color and shape to create younger-looking lips.


Fibroblast Plasma Pen: This revolutionary procedure is an amazing alternative to surgery. It uses the most advanced technology to lift and tighten your skin. Looking to turn back the clock with results lasting years? Fibroblast plasma pen treatments are the hottest, and the newest treatment! It will in just 1-3 treatments enhance your beauty. Recommended Skin Schedule: 3-6 treatments

Microblading: Do you want to create fuller, sexier brows? Microblading is one of the hottest treatments for eyebrows. Get scheduled for a free brow assessment and let our brow experts help you. Recommended Brow Schedule: 1-2 treatments. Touch up treatment scheduled 6 weeks post initial treatment.

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